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Choice 2: Work out & accept a Plea Bargain with the Prosecutor

Choice 2: Work out & accept a Plea Bargain with the Prosecutor

The Prosecutor offers a Plea Bargain

the prosecutor determines the plea bargain in your DMV hearingThe prosecutor determines the plea bargain offered to you. The prosecutor is the government lawyer who takes over your case from the police officer after you were arrested for DUI / drunk driving. A plea bargain is an agreement with the prosecutor in which you plead guilty or no contest to an agreed upon charge with an agreed upon punishment.

When you first go to court the prosecutor will have read the police report written about your DUI arrest. This report usually gives the officer's reason for pulling you over, his opinion of your objective symptoms (eyes, speech, breath, etc.), his opinion of your performance on the Field Sobriety Tests, and your results on the Breath Machine or Blood Test. Many times these police reports are biased and inaccurate.

breathalyzer device for measuring driver alcohol levels from the breathThe most important things in the eyes of the prosecutor are your blood alcohol levels as shown by your breath or blood tests and whether this is your first, second or third DUI within the last 10 years. The prosecutor also looks for DUI aggravating circumstances such as if you were involved in an accident, if your blood alcohol was over .20, if there were children under 14 in the car, if you are on probation for an earlier DUI, or if you refused to take a breath or blood test. If any of these aggravating circumstances apply you possibly face increased punishment from the prosecutor and possibly jail time.

The prosecutor will write down a plea bargain offer. Usually the offer is predictable if there are no aggravating circumstances (see Next page for typical plea bargains).

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