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Choice 1. Going to Jury Trial

Choice 1. Going to Jury Trial

a jury deliberating at your DUI trialIf you decide that you do not want to accept the prosecutor's plea bargain, your other choice is to have a jury trial. Under the law you have the right to have a speedy trial. This means that 45 days after your first court date for a misdemeanor DUI charge you have the right to a jury trial. You can select a jury and have the jury listen to the evidence against you and let them decide if you are guilty or innocent of the charges. (Note if you are in custody in jail, you have the right to a speedy trial after 35 days).

A jury is a group of 12 people selected from the community to decide your guilt or innocence. If they find you not guilty on all charges your criminal record will remain clean.


The advantages of going to trial are if you win, then :-

  • You do not have a DUI on your record
  • You get your license back (especially important if you have a commercial license)
  • You avoid all potential DUI punishment - no DUI fine, no alcohol class, no probation, etc.
  • You probably avoid increased insurance rates.


The disadvantages of trial are that :-

  • It can be time consuming, expensive, and stressful
  • There is no guarantee what punishment you will receive from the judge if you lose.

Time, Stress and Costs

Trials move very slowly. DUI trials usually take anywhere from 3 to 7 days so you need to take time off to conduct them. DUI Lawyers usually charge more for trials and often times you need an expert witness to testify on your behalf and the expert can cost you more or less $1,000 to testify, so trials take time and usually cost more. (See other DUI Costs).

In addition, trials can be stressful because you just don't know which way the jury is going to decide, and if the jury comes back with a guilty verdict, then you face the added stress of not knowing what punishment you face from the judge who is ultimately going to sentence you.

Sometimes Jury Trial is the only way

So trials are usually investments in time and money with no guarantees; so you have to weigh the risks versus the benefits in making that decision. However, remember it is your constitutional right to have a jury trial, and sometimes it is the only way to fight the charges, and sometimes fighting the charges by a jury trial can really pay off. If you are facing losing your job or other serious consequences from a DUI like losing your commercial license or your license for a year then a jury trial might be the better option than a plea bargain so you can try and save your job, license, etc.

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